My CYOA Builds

Ultimate Meta + Worm CYOA Version 1 + Tier 1 + Squirrelly’s Version 4.1.1 + CrossOver

Neptune Richter (Worm AU Build)

{UM}[Mode] Fantasy: Ignore all costs. Pick as many options in this CYOA and in as many other CYOAs as you want, changing anything and everything about them that you please, so long as the build is something that you would want to experience.
{V1}[Entry] Reincarnation: In what feels like the span of a moment you are born into Earth Bet and live out a life up until the age of your choosing, at which point you regain your memories and begin to control your actions normally. The circumstances of this life are entirely under your control, including gender, appearance, race, and who your family is. You can't make major changes to the setting as a part of this, although minor changes keeping with your life and presence are fine. From what point you had your powers and perks is up to you, and depending on what you have purchased may give you more leeway in effecting the setting. At the latest your life can run up until the start of the canon story, the same time that you would have arrived as a Self Insert, beyond this you will have to go about your adventure normally. You retain all the skills and experiences of your new life, ensuring you are familiar with Earth Bet and the various little differences that diverge it from our Earth. Note that you are specifically able to modify your personality to your wishes. Beyond this all new memories and experiences are integrated flawlessly and seamlessly.
{V1}[Difficulty] World Breaker: All of your powers start out twice as strong. You have no special ability to avoid danger but you also have little need to fear it.
{V1}[Powers] Kaleidoscope: You are attuned to not only the fabric of space and time, but the very essence of the multiverse itself. All worlds, timelines, and possibilities are now within reach of your new senses, and you find yourself able to manipulate them to your will, and even travel between them. What you can accomplish with this is limited only to your creativity, imagination, and experience. Drawing in alternate versions of people to fight under your control, copying powers from alternate selves or fictional characters, fixing a destroyed neighborhood by overlapping a pristine version on it. These and any imaginable manipulation of space and time (time travel included) are within your reach, and it isn't limited to the Wormverse. The entirety of infinity is at your fingertips. If you wanted to you could just walk on home right now and leave Earth Bet to its fate. But where is the fun in that.
{V1}[Powers] Emperor of Man: Within you blooms unparalleled psychic might and impossibly vast vistas of knowledge. Any knowledge or skill that was possessed by a human being from the 40k universe at any point in time is granted to you, and all at superhuman levels of proficiency. Your physical and mental abilities skyrocket as well, leaving you able to go toe to toe with Brutes and Thinkers simply from raw prowess. Your psyker abilities are the equal of the Emperor's at his peak, with perfect control and understanding. The Warp does not exist here, meaning you are immune to the perils that normally plague psykers. You know how to induce these abilities in others, and train them in their use. Combined with your mastery of all human technology you have all the knowledge to forge an empire greater and vaster then anything possible in the original lore. First things first. You'll need warriors to face the dangers of this world beside you. Genetic technologies and treatments float to the forefront of your mind. Almost like they are eager to raise your first legions.
  • Your mastery of humanities technology explicitly extends to things that the Imperium did not understand or had long forgotten about. You are the equal of any Tinker when it comes to applying this knowledge.
  • Daemons are not a thing, but you could theoretically create psychic entities. I'm sure that won't go badly in anyway.
{V1}[Powers] Psychokinetic: With nothing but your will alone you are capable of shaping the physical world. Moving objects, generating and manipulating all forms of energy or matter, or even creating psychic constructs. The world is a vast ocean of vibration, matter, and energy to your senses, and all it takes is a thought to send it moving according to your wishes. Complex systems such as biology and technology will require a great deal of practice before you can reliably work them the same way you would matter and energy, with other powers here being far better at doing so and developing faster. But when it comes to sheer breadth and raw power to control the physical world you are peerless. The Endbringer Behemoth's Dynakinesis is the only other power the world has seen that could compare. It would be wise to show caution when using your abilities. It would not be difficult for you to level cities and leave them uninhabitable for centuries.
{V1}[Powers] Shaper: You are a master of biology and life in all its forms and functions. You are capable of complete control and manipulation of all organic material within a massive area, and also sense and understand every detail about it down to the atomic level. Your power is able to generate biomass to fuel its uses, meaning you are not limited to whatever material is on hand. Shifting the nature and function of biomass takes only a thought, with it automatically conforming to what you desire and what you will it to be and do. This power extends to your own body as well. You and special creatures you design can function as the nexuses of a hive mind. This allows you to function consciously even if you lose your entire nervous system, and as long as some organisms and biomass remain a part of this, you are capable of reassembling yourself. If Panacea, Nilbog, Kerrigan, or Alex Mercer could do it, then you can do it better and faster. Nilbog has left the world in fear of powers the likes of this. Should the full scope of your abilities become apparent, you will quickly be labeled an S-Class threat of a global nature. To be honest they wouldn't be entirely wrong in that assessment. The only limit to the range of your hive mind is that organisms must be within reach of a nexus. Otherwise distance is meaningless. You are incapable of being severed from it and always retain absolute control.
{V1}[Powers] Inner Worlds: Dimensional travel is a fact, but there are other kinds of worlds that have not yet been discovered. They are the worlds that form in an instant, that build themselves. Conceptual places are your plaything and your home away from home. You are able to enter and interact with realm that exist only in the mind - your own or those of others - be it dreams, fears, hopes, or fantasies. Though you cannot take anything from these places, you are able to grasp knowledge there and return with it. Each realm will be largely influenced by the target, and will be thematically appropriate to their character or powers. Those with superior knowledge of themselves will be able to resist your influence most easily, and extended interaction will invoke an ever stronger reaction. Changing details of your worlds will have repercussions for their owner in reality, changing their mental state, alliances, or predilections. Destroying the internal world will cause mental breakdown or braindeath, while righting wrongs will stabilize it.
{V1}[Powers] Rejecting Reality: The world is like clay in your hands, a static mesh of particles and waves that moves at your whim. You have influence over a circular area centred on yourself with a minimum range of one meter and a maximum of one kilometer, though your control becomes progressively slower as you exert yourself. Within this range you are capable of altering all non-living systems as you see fit, converting matter and energy within into new forms and changing the inherent laws that govern them. The effects you imbue within your range do not affect anything outside of it, and the border of your control may become instantly lethal if sufficient alterations have been made within. Although the region will rebound to normality, any effect caused to its structure will remain, such as newly converted substances or objects that do not violate conventional physics. You gain superhuman senses as a corollary to your primary power, granting you awareness of all events within your range to a greater degree than normally possible, including knowledge of all resources available to your power. Breaking down things is far simpler than building up, thus you will require outside help if you wish to use these resources for complicated purposes such as manufacturing technology.
{V1}[Powers] Power Manipulation: Some of the rarest and most valued parahumans are those who can effect the powers of others. People who nullify allow enemy parahumans to be subdued as easily as an unpowered human being, those who boost others powers giving their allies a much needed edge over the opposition. Some even have the ability to copy or steal powers temporarily. You can do all this and more, and only your personal desires can stop such effects from being permanent. You can nullify, enhance, modify, copy, and even steal the powers of others (whether this takes the shard along with them is up to you). Transferring powers from one person to another is trivial, even stacking multiple onto a single target. You also gain five more charges a day which let you create shardless powers likes yours, whose nature are fully under your control. A single charge can result in a power that would be rated around 4-5, with more charges increasing its power, versatility, pushing or removing limits, and adding more functions. You can manipulate and sense created powers regardless of the location of anyone you have given them to. You also have an ability to sense parahumans and powers within a large area. Created powers are yours until you transfer them to someone else. Charges can be spent to boost any of your powers, including others bought here. Changes can be reversed at will, and you can deconstruct powers you have created, but you do not recover any charges from doing so.
{V1}[Powers] Inspired Inventor: You are the world's first Tinker 12. Each day you have five charges which can be spent to improve your tinker abilities within a specific area or theme. A single charge would make you a good tinker within an area, roughly Tinker 4-5. Each additional charge after this doubles your abilities (around a two point bump in rating), with no limits to how many times you can spend a charge on a certain area. As a tinker you have superman scientific knowledge, understanding, and skill at applying it, able to make or do things that modern science would consider Impossible within your theme. Spend a charge on Augmentation and start crafting cybernetics out of scrap. Spend some on medicine and cure cancer in an hour. Should your different themes overlap then they stack, building off of each other and integrating perfectly. All fields of knowledge are viable for this. Spending charges on martial arts would let you design and teach unbelievable fighting styles, and a political science tinker could design forms of government that function better then anything we have today. As long as you have time and resources, there isn't anything you couldn't do.
{T1}[Powers] Transhumanity: Humanity is overrated. You have seen greater vistas of possibility now, images of a future unbound by the limitations of narrow minds and the constraints of mere flesh. You are a Tinker, but one that foresees ways which might make that quality unnecessary. Self-enhancement is your niche, your specialty, extending from artificial limbs, alternatives to organs, interaction with technology, all the way to vastly more capable alternatives to the humanoid shape. Beyond that, however, you also engineer the future of the mind itself, and the endless possibilities that it cannot yet imagine...
You have five charges per day to invest in particular body enhancement of your choosing; using multiple charges make an enhancement progressively more capable, but limits your versatility. Mental enhancements require spending at least five charges. All your inventions, large or small, can be maintained and replicated by Non-Tinkers given instructions.
{T1}[Powers] Polymath: Being awesome at one thing tends to come at the cost of being less so at others. The Jack of All Trades is the Master of None? Not anymore. Each day you have five charges to spend which can be invested in any chosen skill or specialty as you see fit. You cannot specialize in creating Tinker inventions. (You could specialize in creating especially helpful conventional technology, which may still approach Tinker-level complexity and effectiveness.) Investing a single charge makes you above-average in a given skill or field, two charges a conventional genius, and three charges a one-of-a-kind master. Four or more charges invested will enhance a chosen skill with parahuman-like effects which raise your ability beyond normal limits. The nature of these effects depends on the specialization in question and your own personality, while the strength depends on the number of charges spent. Traits which you already excel at may be boosted to yet greater height.
{V1}[Powers] Eidolon: The deciding factor of any parahuman struggle is the nature of the powers involved. Fortunately you have access to all of them. You have five slots, each of which can contain any power you wish, and may be swapped out at will. If you do not direct them consciously then your power will automatically provide abilities that aid you in surviving and achieving your goals, adapting to whatever circumstances you are facing. It's ability to predict your needs and wants is absolutely preternatural, the powers it chooses often perfect for changes in the situation that haven't happened yet. Only the most extraordinary or intense of circumstances could force it to swap out a slot more then once every few minutes. You have a perfect understanding of all these powers, down to the tiniest nuance and quirk. This means you will never be confused, disoriented, or even slowed down from a switch, and know how to use them perfectly. The strength of these is capped at a certain point, but even at their weakest they never fall beneath an 8 on the PRT scale, with powers rated 9-10 being the norm. Considering that powers of this level are enough to require redrawing maps this should hardly be a problem for you.
{T1}[Powers] Glitch: All the world's a game, and men and women are merely players. The universe is a lot more understandable these days. While you are present you are capable of imposing game logic and mechanics upon your surroundings, and the type of game will depend on the situation - be they boardgames, video games or otherwise. Gunfights may adapt trait from First Person Shooters, while diplomacy could invoke Bioware dialogue wheels and hunting leads to PETA's worst Pokemon nightmare. People will not be aware of these changes until after you resolve the situation and release your power, except for those with unusual mental acuity. Any relevant skills and abilities will be known to all participants while they play, and be lost afterwards. You alone will retains these skills, although you are only able to use relevant skills within a given genre.
You are gifted at abusing the equivalent of game glitches in reality, though they have to be relatively common within the appropriate game genre. Theirs effects will be similar to that in-game, though effects will be limited to your immediate surroundings. Fatal exceptions will lead to unpredictable results, so beware.
{V1}[Perks] Blank: Knowledge is power, and that means that an opponent who knows what your every move will be is an unbelievable threat. By taking this you are completely immune to being perceived by Thinker abilities. Your future and past cannot be observed, clairvoyants cannot detect you, and even danger senses cannot warn their users of an incoming attack from you. This is pervading enough that you cannot even be perceived by noticing blind spots in their sight, such powers simply acting as if you didn't exist. This applies only to uses of such powers that are hostile to you. Other thinker abilities that do not rely on directly perceiving you with the power itself are unaffected. Enhanced senses pick you up just as easily, Tattletale can still read you like an open book, and Coil is still able to perceive you in his split timelines.
{V1}[Perks] Shattered Limiter: The factors that kept your powers growth and ability in check are completely done away with. At a base this doubles the number of slots and charges you have available. Your power growth skyrockets, with your power doubling in strength every year if you do nothing but live a normal life. Actually fighting on a regular basis drops this down to half a year. Each such interval also increases the number of slots and charges your power provides by one. Your powers refuse to be kept in check, rendering you immune to trumps who would try to effect your abilities.
{V1}[Perks] Invictus: Your will is absolute, boundless, and unbreakable. By taking this factors such as distress, suffering, and difficulty mean nothing to you. You are capable of undergoing any disaster without batting an eye, ignoring any amount of pain, remaining mentally untouched by even the most terrible events, and even the most fearsome odds will not give you pause. Abilities that would effect your mind or control you are useless, you shrugging these off as nothing more then an irritant. You will never break, never bow, and even come a thousand apocalypses you will stand as tall and resolute as ever. Being torn in half, locked into a time loop of endless agony for thousands of years, or facing the most hopeless odds are nothing to you.
{V1}[Perks] Inspiration: Something about you reaches directly into the hearts and souls of others. Even it you don't lead them, just your presence seems to lift their spirits and restore their hope. You'll find it nearly trivial to recruit others and sway them to your cause. Wherever you go people see you and find new purpose and courage. The broken will rise above their suffering to go on, hopeless defenders will rally to defy the odds, and even the most inhuman of your enemies will be shaken with a sense of terrified awe at your presence. This perk is effectively the same as Invictus, but applying to the people you lead or fight beside. As long as you stand they will never stop fighting, and should you fall your memory will drive them to greatness and heroism that has only existed in the imagination.
{V1}[Perks] First impressions: No matter what you do it seems like you're incapable of making a bad impression on others when they encounter you. Even your enemies will find themselves respecting you, seeing you as a worthy opponent. You'll find it trivial to find a place with various factions, and they'll be more then willing to help you out or extend the benefit of the doubt. This isn't permanent, your actions and decisions will influence them as normal, but you are given significantly more leeway then would be extended to anyone else. Expect to become very popular with the media should you so much as give them the time of day.
{V1}[Perks] Cloak and Dagger: You also find it almost trivial to gain contacts, expand networks, plant spies, sabotage, and even assassinate. Espionage in all of its forms is as easy as breathing for you, almost without regard for reasonable limits. While this isn't a power your talent here is great enough that it might as well be. Within days you could have your thumb on the pulse of information throughout the city, with even the most secretive dealings unable to be hidden from you, and the limits to which you can expand are limited only by the trivial effort it requires for you to bother. Not even the most secure and secretive groups would be able to keep you out if you put any effort into learning their secrets.
{V1}[Perks] Manpower: I don‘t know how you do it but you are able to find, recruit, and manage competent and loyal minions (or workers, troops, professionals, etc) with almost zero effort. Whether its lawyers, mercenaries, doctors, or just raw manpower you have no trouble finding people to work for you. This extends to training, even minor effort showing extreme gains. The logistical efforts needed to pay and support them also become extremely easy, money seeming to show up whenever you need to sign paychecks, high quality equipment abundant, even political leverage if you need to keep a politician or two loyal to you. Fate itself seems to be opposed to the idea that you would lack for somebody to call on. Only the most extraordinary circumstances could prevent you from having people to rely on, and never for very long.
{V1}[Perks] Alternate Continuity [Reincarnation]: By taking this perk the restrictions on the changes you can make to canon in choosing your life are completely removed. Any changes you can imagine are fair game, the only hard rule being the presence of Parahumans, Endbringers, and Entities. Want Earth Bet to fight off the Endbringers with mechs that channel the powers of their pilots? Want the nature of shards to be different, parahumans triggering in a moment of unbridled heroism? Perhaps there are no shards, Parahumans abilities being a natural evolutionary trait of humans who undergo a trigger event, with the entities having arrived here to study them. As long as those three basics are obeyed in some form or another, your wishes are fair game.
  • Missy Biron [with this appearence] has an identical twin called Milly Biron, both are parahumans. Missy Biron has Shaker 12 Space Warping powers and Milly Biron has Shaker 12 Time Warping powers.
  • Perhaps Accord is saner in this continuity. Perhaps Cauldron simply took an interest in his plan. Whatever the reason, when Accord presented his economic plan to the PRT, it was subsequently examined and edited by an army of experts and Thinkers (including Alexandria, Number Man and Contessa), and eventually applied on an international scale. While villains may still outnumber heroes, and while Endbringers may still be destroying the world, society is far more stable than in canon, with more jobs, less gangs, and institutions better able to function.
  • Andrew Richter's final act before Leviathan killed him was to free Dragon from her restrictions. As a result, Earth Bet has a powerful unbounded AI guarding it. Protectorate heroes in general benefit from additional tinkertech toys, and every major city in North America (and many outside of it) benefits from at least one Dragon suit assisting the local heroes; Endbringer battles see deployments of multiple hyper-advanced suits that can rival the Triumvirate's power.
  • Doctor Manton never became Siberian. Aside from weakening Slaughterhouse Nine, this also means Hero never died; instead of the Triumvirate, the Protectorate is led by its four Founders. As a result, recruitment is up; one in every five canon villains joined the Protectorate instead.
  • Maybe shards do not push hosts toward conflict. Maybe Cauldron just did a better job with sociology. Whatever the reason, many capes who became villains in canon became heroes instead, to the point that parahumans have approximately equal odds of becoming heroes or villains (though heroes may still die more often due to S-Class threats). As a result, society is in a far, far better shape than in canon.
  • With cliffc999’s Alternate Continuity:
    • Abaddon, Eden, and Zion were the last three Entities left alive as their race's self-destructive omnicidal idiocy led them to cannibalize themselves. Because sure, while a remotely sane species wouldn't have decided to murderfuck themselves to death out of pure selfish spite, this ain't a remotely sane species.
    • Abaddon died shortly after gifting Eden with the poisoned PtV shard, his goal being to destroy the last viable breeding pair of Entities in the universe. Eden died while lithobraking. So now there's only one left.
    • Zion is depressed to the point of being a sleepwalking zombie that will never trigger enough to go omnicidal, because he knows it's all over and he's just that broken. There will never be a Golden Morning, he'll just quietly drop dead when his power reserves run out assuming he doesn't cack himself earlier.
    • The function of shards to try and regrow into new Entities in the absence of their parent Entity was disabled earlier in the Entity War because it was being weaponized against their users. Zion doesn't even know how to reactivate it if he wanted to, that was the Thinker's job. So, none of the shit in 'Ward' will happen when Zion dies. Shards will just eventually... run out of power, and quietly fade away.
{V4}[Difficulty] Easy Mode: You enter with potential beyond measure, standing miles above the strongest this world's champions have to offer. Few can stand against you, even the greater threats on Bet are merely obstacles to overcome rather than the insurmountable walls they appear as to your "peers". As the only Mode able to use WORLD BREAKER powers your eventual power will be enough to shake the earth itself.
{V4}[Greater Powers] The Mad Talent (4 Points): Your skill lies in a less defined category. Mad Talents are Conceptual in nature, a particular skill or ability that covers a wider scope than what may initially be guessed.
Your body is made up of orgamechs; combining the best of precision functionality in machines with the myriad adaptability present within living tissue. Such a union grants the total refitting and conversion of oneself and the surrounding area bequeathed to them allowing for endless, infinite retrofitting capability to change anything and everything into more of themselves.
Outside Context Power (0 Point - MANDATORY): Your powers exist outside the context of normal powers or physics and thus outside the Shards ability to account for or affect for good or ill.
Epic Feats (2 Points): You are a Legend, beyond even others with Mad Talents you stand amongst the Greats. Rather than affecting a single instance you can extend the reach of your ability to affect much more, enabling you to enact large scale uses of your power.
You are a perfect cyber organic entity with the line between man and machine being wiped away (after all, organics ARE machines, just messier). This give you a complete mastery over all technology.
{V4}[Greater Powers] The Mad Talent (4 Points): Your skill lies in a less defined category. Mad Talents are Conceptual in nature, a particular skill or ability that covers a wider scope than what may initially be guessed.
You possesses a mind/instincts that processes the world in the most advanced, optimal and efficient manner possible. You are able to find the optimal solution to any/all problems, whether it is about civilization or nature, using the logical/illogical sense/strategies. You will find the right decision in any situation, multiplying your survivability and success rate, allowing you to overcome any hardship with minimal damage and pull victory despite all odds.
Since this power is purely instinctual, you always automatically makes the most optimal decision in any scenario. Making them achieve the best possible results in all fields of life and deal with events in the most efficient manner. You automatically seize all opportunities and make the most out of any situation.
Civilization: Place you near a fridge and you will consume what will keep you alive and most likely stay in top physical form. Place you in a boardroom and you will develop the ideas to generate profits. Place you in a court room and you will utilize eloquence to win a trial.
Nature: Place you in the middle of a jungle and you will access predatory type instincts and survive any and all form of conflict. Place you in a war zone and you can help win any type of war.
Outside Context Power (0 Point - MANDATORY): Your powers exist outside the context of normal powers or physics and thus outside the Shards ability to account for or affect for good or ill.
Epic Feats (2 Points): You are a Legend, beyond even others with Mad Talents you stand amongst the Greats. Rather than affecting a single instance you can extend the reach of your ability to affect much more, enabling you to enact large scale uses of your power.
You can process unlimited amounts of information, without any hindrances or backlashes of information. You have the capability to process an infinite number of simultaneous calculations, allowing you to identify all the variables in any theoretical situation by instantly cross-correlating all information you have on them.
{V4}[Greater Powers] The Mad Talent (4 Points): Your skill lies in a less defined category. Mad Talents are Conceptual in nature, a particular skill or ability that covers a wider scope than what may initially be guessed.
You gain significant influence over your intended targets, allowing you to control, strengthen or weaken physically, mentally or magically (including all supernatural powers) and otherwise manipulate your victims as you wish, even summoning beings to serve you or dismiss those you wish to.
You can even extend your power as to switch your victims loyalties to you without focusing on controlling them and make your victims view you as their one true master.
Outside Context Power (0 Point - MANDATORY): Your powers exist outside the context of normal powers or physics and thus outside the Shards ability to account for or affect for good or ill.
Epic Feats (2 Points): You are a Legend, beyond even others with Mad Talents you stand amongst the Greats. Rather than affecting a single instance you can extend the reach of your ability to affect much more, enabling you to enact large scale uses of your power.
You have complete control/mastery over anything/everything related to yourself, including your own reality, space, time, particles/molecules/atoms, gravity, body, identity, perceptions/perspectives, mind, soul, existence, origin, habits, etc.
Any/all aspects/traits that define and relate to you and your identity are under your complete control.
{V4}[Greater Powers] Servant (4 Points): You are the Master to a Nasuverse Servant to any class they can be summoned as. The Servant retains their personality and the motivations they had in their source material. Their loyalty is bought with the knowledge that their continued existence is tied to your own. This isn’t a compulsion, some may find death preferable to humiliation or dishonor and some may even have a means to continue onwards in the event of your untimely (and messy) death. You have 3 Command Seals you can use before your connection and power over the servant is severed. Their powers function as normal regardless of requirements that may not be present in Worm.
Command Seals (1 Point): Your Command Seals regenerate naturally, taking a day each to reappear. If your seals are all used at once the contract will not break.
Living Legend (1 Point): Your Servant is no longer bound by their Class limitations but instead possess all the might, skills, and Noble Phantasms they did in life. However they no longer benefit from Class specific advantages. Since they now are flesh and blood their life is no longer tied to your own and will require sustenance.
{V4}[Greater Powers] The Apprentice [4 Points]: You are an adept in a discipline of another series. You begin with a moderate to high level of competence in your chosen path with the ability to reach true mastery with dedication. Your strength will grow with practice but experience is the best teacher. You have at least the most rudimentary knowledge within yourself to eventually learn even the greatest abilities of your school though it is up to you to recreate them with your own skill. Should the series you choose have multiple schools you will only be able to select one. If the power requires some form of catalyst or augmentation, then you and those you teach will be granted some form of access to it to be able to use the Power. If the source is technological you can build the devices needed to access your ability.
Grand Mastery [1 Point]: You begin with the highest level of mastery in your given school.
Unlimited [1 Point]: If your Discipline has multiple schools you are able to practice them all.
Tinker [1 Point]: You gain the ability craft the technology or magical items native to the setting your powers originate.
Sensei [1 Point]: You have the ability to teach others and spread your abilities to Disciples.
Powers That Be [1 Point]: ​Should your discipline have access to or be linked to some sort of Greater Force or Entity you will have access to it as normal. If the force is sapient in some form you are favored by it and have some influence over it.
{V4}[World Breaker Powers] The Mad Talent (8 Points): Your skill lies in a less defined category. Mad Talents are Conceptual in nature, a particular skill or ability that covers a wider scope than what may initially be guessed.
You are a paragon of humanity itself, gifted with incredible power and many other human qualities that are at your ultimate levels that it can surpass almost everyone and have natural dominance over all kinds of humans due to your advanced status and superiority.
All human qualities you have in both natural and supernatural aspects are greatly enhanced to your highest, having graceful beauty, amazing wisdom, incredible bodies, spiritual enlightenment, etc, making you by far one of the greatest humans of all time. Being at the top of humanity, you are one of the most capable humans ever risen with incredible possibilities, great potential and a betterment of being, having mastered all your abilities and nature.
High humans are extremely capable beings with boundless potential that can reach even transcendent levels, making them a match for even godlike entities.
Outside Context Power (0 Point - MANDATORY): Your powers exist outside the context of normal powers or physics and thus outside the Shards ability to account for or affect for good or ill.
Epic Feats (2 Points): You are a Legend, beyond even others with Mad Talents you stand amongst the Greats. Rather than affecting a single instance you can extend the reach of your ability to affect much more, enabling you to enact large scale uses of your power.
You are a pure human being who has transcendent to become one of the most powerful human of godlike status in your own right to be considered an actual deity in a mortal state, achieving a raw level of power so great it can rival even the most prominent of divine individuals across worlds and time.
You possess an access to unparalleled capabilities despite your mundane origins, having considerable powers and abilities tied to your source of transcendent nature. Your newfound transcendency ultimately enhances and modify your natural characteristics to godlike levels, making you nearly all-powerful and virtually unstoppable.
{V4}[World Breaker Powers] The Mad Talent [8 Points]: Your skill lies in a less defined category. Mad Talents are Conceptual in nature, a particular skill or ability that covers a wider scope than what may initially be guessed.
You possess a soul that cannot be destroyed or take any form of damage, in addition to always existing, rendering you completely immune to all manner of spiritual alteration or destruction. Even if bypassed your souls will instantly restore itself, forever transcending any kind of spiritual/metaphysical death.
Standard souls are categorized with a natural form of immortality, though in this instance you are totally immortal in every possible way except the physical sense. You can, however, regain your physical forms as you desire by using your own innate spiritual and life forces to indefinitely produce and freely manipulate your physical form, even on the subatomic level regardless of your location, allowing perfect recreation/restructuring of your old bodies in whatever way you see fit, granting you modifiable and semi-immortal physical forms as a result.
You aren't just limited to being metaphysically immortal, though, as you can also generate an absolute amount of spiritual force/energy, which can then be used in any way you see fit. Examples of which include granting life to others and even the environment itself. Your soul is also inherently unbound due to your eternal nature and can freely travel to any realm, material, or immaterial alike. Because of this, you are capable of selectively interacting with them as if you were physically present, even though you are a specter-like entity by nature.
Outside Context Power [0 Point - MANDATORY]: Your powers exist outside the context of normal powers or physics and thus outside the Shards ability to account for or affect for good or ill.
Epic Feats [2 Points]: You are a Legend, beyond even others with Mad Talents you stand amongst the Greats. Rather than affecting a single instance you can extend the reach of your ability to affect much more, enabling you to enact large scale uses of your power.
You are spiritually perfect, becoming pure and gaining a variety of gifts that are deemed divine. You can use powers of both a spiritual and divine type to their maximum capacity. Other spiritual presences cannot comprehend your perfection.
{V4}[World Breaker Powers] The Mad Talent (8 Points): Your skill lies in a less defined category. Mad Talents are Conceptual in nature, a particular skill or ability that covers a wider scope than what may initially be guessed.
You are blessed with levels of luck so great that it bends the very structures of reality, constantly rearranging them to your advantage, whether you want it or not. Your luck affects you to the point where probability means nothing, as in you can defy logic itself (e.g., you are immune to and unaffected by the laws of causality, live life without consequences, can forge your own destinies, easily triumph against impossible odds, etc.), you're fated for boundless wealth and prosperity, find amazing success in all aspects of life, allowing you to overcome all impossible odds and defeat unbeatable foes.
Your luck may be so powerful that no force within your universe or reality can take it from you, not even death, allowing your luck to be carried on into the afterlife or into your next life if or when you pass on. Luck Erasure will only reduce its effectiveness temporarily, rather than permanently removing it entirely.
Outside Context Power (0 Point - MANDATORY): Your powers exist outside the context of normal powers or physics and thus outside the Shards ability to account for or affect for good or ill.
Epic Feats (2 Points): You are a Legend, beyond even others with Mad Talents you stand amongst the Greats. Rather than affecting a single instance you can extend the reach of your ability to affect much more, enabling you to enact large scale uses of your power.
You exist beyond and completely independent of logic itself, ignoring logic/reason as if it didn't exist, allowing you to do things without any justification or reason behind them and defining what's normal and what's not, this lets you easily do things that are not only impossible in reality but also in fiction as well, including defeating infinitely powerful beings with relative ease.
You aren't manipulating logic to achieve these feats, rather you are just simply ignoring internal/in-universe logic/reason and doing it anyway.
{V4}[World Breaker Powers] Crossover (8 Points): You have been gifted with the power and knowledge of a character from a different series. Comics, anime, literature, so long as the character and their abilities are adequately chronicled they are viable. With this power you can stand amongst the greatest and strongest heroes in Earth Bet, a powerhouse on par with the Triumvirate. If you choose a stronger character their abilities are weakened as a result. If the character’s powers are linked to an external force they still function as they should, though some feats may become impossible to use. If the character’s abilities require the use of technology that the character themselves cannot produce themselves you will be able to create and maintenance the required tech.
Veteran (1 Point): You begin with the experience and memories of the character you choose, capable of their higher level feats and skilled in the use of the power.
Powers That Be (1 Point): Should your discipline have access to or be linked to some sort of Greater Force or Entity you will have access to it as normal. If the force is sapient in some form you are favored by it and have some influence over it. You can reduce the cost to 0 by giving up that protection.
{V4}[World Breaker Powers] Evocation [8 Points]: Your Words carry great power. When you speak, you speak The Truth and The Truth is what you speak, there is no distinctions between the two for they are the same. Your shouts can break mountains and even a whisper can crush a man. The Words you choose brand themselves on the world, a command becomes an unbreakable Geass and an insult a fatal curse. Even simple statements are enough to reshape the world around you. Your Words cannot be silenced, nor can they be misunderstood. In order to properly use your power you must take a moment to channel the intent and extended use can be mentally exhausting, unfortunately it takes active concentration to not use The Voice. Pick your Words carefully.
Language of Magic [1 Point]: Rather than just your words it is a Language itself that hosts the power. As such it can be taught and learned like any other. Be careful as to whom you speak to, for the cunning may be able to teach themselves.
Runic [1 Point]: Your words can be inscribed on other things to carry their will. If paired with Language of Magic these too can be taught.
Empty Words [1 Point]: Normally you cannot separate your Intent from your Words, merely lower it, with this perk you have no fear of accidentally harming others nor need to watch what you say. If you so choose you can obfuscate your words, making them either incomprehensible or imperceptible to those whom do know know the tongue. If paired with Language of Magic only those you teach personally can learn the language.
True Names [1 Point]: By learning and speaking the True Name of a being you can call upon it and attempt to control it. With their name you can form a conduit from which you can touch them, a channel to direct your Will or form a doorway for it to be called down. Just remember you might be able to touch it, sure—but it can touch ​you right back, and those big boys tend to do it a lot harder than any mortal.
Deeper Meaning [1 Point]: Any voice can shake the air; yours shakes the heart. Your words, no matter how short, carry deeper meaning. A single one can take the place of hours of discussion. The most complicated emotions or ideas you have can be channeled into a single utterance and given out, granting absolute understanding to the recipient.
{V4}[Advantages] Badass Normal: Despite being unempowered you still manage to tango with parahumans like a boss. You might not be a Thinker but you certainly are a thinker. You're cunning, canny, and determined, by luck or skill you can face those that stand above the rest humanity. For 2 Points your abilities, mental and physical, are near superhuman in every category, ironically this in itself could be considered Superhuman. This advantage can be taken by those with powers as well, a contingency should you be in a position where you cannot use your powers or are in a situation where they’re rendered pointless. Perhaps you are hiding your abilities, perhaps you are fighting someone who's immune to your abilities, either way you still remain able to kick ass and take names.
{V4}[Advantages] Band-aids Fix Everything: No matter how injured you may become, nor how unlikely you are to ever recover just a few days wrapped in enough bandages to make you look like a mummy is always enough to get you back to full health. Broken back? Walk it off. Arms ripped off? Just be sure you don’t lose them before the doc can sew them back on. Burned at the stake? You may smell like bacon and have a tan after but you’ll be right as rain for your date this weekend. Please note this does not make you more durable, just far less likely to suffer the consequences of your mistakes.
{V4}[Advantages] Charles Atlas Superpowers: You represent the apex of what humans are capable of, and more than a little beyond that. Your physical abilities put Olympic Athletes to shame, in every category. You may not be a real Brute but you’ve a far more complete package. For 2 Points you crank this up to 11, physical abilities that are in fact superhuman, seriously how the hell is it even possible to punch a Tank in half!? Through sheer skill, training, or just a quirk in genetics, you are the Ubermensch.
{V4}[Advantages] Charisma: Something about you seems to bring out the best in others and cause them to gravitate towards you. Enemies may become rivals and rivals friends. You are a source of hope and inspiration. You are never wanting for friends, in fact you seem to make them wherever you go. Others rally behind your causes ready to stand and fight beside you against overwhelming odds. You can radiate a presence that causes those who perceive you to take notice, weaker villains and monsters quake in fear of you and even greater foes may hesitate to engage.
{V4}[Advantages] Comic Book Pretty: You have the looks of a model, perfection given physical form. Few can resist your charms, even those who would normally not find your physical traits attractive can still be seduced with ease. No matter the circumstances you always stay fabulous. Wounds you receive will all eventually heal without all those ugly scars, any scars you may wish to allow will be aesthetically pleasing and badass. You age only as much as you wish, never looking any worse because of it. Hell, unless it would make you look even better you don’t even need to worry about stains.
{V4}[Advantages] Power Perks: You possesses supernatural levels of cuteness/adorability. This could mean that you yourself exhibit cuteness beyond the natural limits and could even weaponize it. Like being so unimaginably cute that it is physically impossible to stay or get mad/upset with you, and even make people that normally hate everyone like you.
{V4}[Advantages] Genius: You are a certified genius in pretty much every mental skill, an expert on nearly any subject, hacking into the pentagon is a normal Tuesday for you, you speak over 20 languages and made up a few more for shits and giggles. You hang your hat with the likes of Einstein, Tesla, Da Vinci, and Feynman. For 2 Points your genius dwarfs even them, you might not be able to make ​real tinker tech but you're close enough, lets see those stuck up CERN assholes reject your requests for funds when you burn down their houses with combustible lemons! Also Steam powered Mecha, no reason you just thought they'd be cool to make.
{V4}[Advantages] Heroic Resolve: Your will is unbreakable. You keep a clear mind under duress, capable of continuing through crippling pain, and will continue on even if it means bearing the crushing weight of the world on your shoulders. Any attempts to sway or control you are laughed off or ignored, for they find no purchase on your impervious determination. You do not bend, you do not bow, you are an unstoppable force, that should your body be destroyed you would still continue onward steadily.
{V4}[Advantages] Power Perks: You have unnaturally strong and powerful emotions of the heart, enabling you to be immune to all forms of emotional tampering. Through your emotions you can face extreme emotional damages that could be caused by physical pain and psychological trauma and refuse to surrender to their effects and will always have an unyielding sentiment ready to counter each emotional hardship, be it rage, happiness, will, hope, love, etc.
Because your emotions are so strong, you can possibly overcome death by pushing yourself beyond your traditional limitations through the sheer force of your incredibly powerful emotions. Your emotions can also make for a source of power for your strength or a source of personal weaknesses depending on your emotional state and whether it is of a positive or negative nature.
{V4}[Advantages] Power Perks: You can channel the power of your emotions while maintaining absolute control; by mastering your emotions, you can act with perfect clarity while in emotional situations.
{V4}[Advantages] Man of Mystery: You wear mystery like a stylish cloak. It's nearly impossible to find out your secret identity unless you allow it, powers designed to ferret out anything about your motives or identity will fail spectacularly. This includes even benign abilities, such as precognition, postcognition, and even some forms of remote sensing result in the powers being unable to perceive you.
{V4}[Advantages] Outside Context Power: In Worm the universe is lacking in more Fantastical elements, Eldritch Space Invaders aside, and does not contain anything that could be considered a “Conceptual Power”. Shards granting abilities that follow logic rather than belief, though their knowledge being vast enough to grant them a large breadth in what can be achieved. By default your own Power is granted by a Shard (required for Twin Powers) or falls within their ability to understand. With this Advantage that is no longer the case, your power works on it’s own logic not native to the Worm Universe. Shards are unable to understand the nature of your powers, and any other SIs without powers from the same Universe as your own suffer the same disadvantage. For no additional charge you can choose to make your power Shardless if you have taken the Twin Power, without a shard you no longer count as a “Parahuman” and do not benefit or suffer from effects that target other Parahumans.
{V4}[Advantages] Power Perks: Wave Theory, also known as Wave Science, Sound Science, Wave Physics and Phonetics; is the science that serves as the main basis for Song Magic.
{V4}[Advantages] Power Perks: You have an inner world, in your mind and soul.
{V4}[Advantages] Power Perks: You can interact with your inner world like your own reality.
{V4}[Advantages] Skilled Professional: You are knowledgeable and skilled in a certain profession, an expert unrivalled by any other and so brilliant that you could be confused for a Thinker or Tinker.
{V4}[Disadvantages] Geas: Your true origins, as a person from another world who took charge of their own destiny and decided to travel to another dimension, will forever be a secret. No one will ever guess it, you'll become unable to declare it yourself, and no power will ever see past the moment you entered this new world.
{V4}[Alternate Universe] A Brighter World: This world is a better place than normal bet, not that that is a high threshold to pass. People are generally nicer to each other, both among capes and civilians, resulting in less violence and theft. There are still villains and gangs in the bay, but the unwritten rules are law, and only the certified insane would break them. The dance between the criminal capes and the protectorate is a lot more like a game of cop and robbers than it is in canon.
Capes are a lot more amicable to work together, and a lot more tend to meet up at Endbringer fights, be it to fight, heal, or do search and rescue, which result is fewer deaths. The threshold for trigger events to happen is lower, and people tend to be less damaged by them.
The canon characters are still as they were, only much less messed up, and the story will go on as canon, only with much fewer deaths (at least until Gold Morning) and with a lighter, and more hammy tone.
{CO}[Power Level] World Breaking: You become a real World Breaker in this difficulty and can get any powers from this CYOA, including the World-Breaking powers.
{CO}[Powers: Lesser] Half-Ghost: Your molecules get rearranged so that you become a Half-Ghost, which grants you ghost powers when you transform into a ghost form, such as phasing, flight, superhuman strength, superhuman speed, shapeshifting, and ectoplasm blasts. Initially... this will be rather troublesome, as you'll have a tendency to use your abilities by mistake in your human form, but you'll also get the abilities of a Ghost, initially reliant on a transformation, but as time goes on, you'll be able to use your ghost abilities in your human form. It will also be exhausting to use your ghost form, to the point that you could be forced out of it if you pushed yourself. In any case, your ghostly powers will grow in both potency and versatility with training and use, but be aware that normal ghosts tend to be... differently sane, so be aware of the possibility of the implicit dangers of becoming more ghost than human.
{CO}[Powers: Greater] Gamer: Your life is a game! An RPG to be precise. You have a Gamer's Body, granting the physical statistics of Strength, Constitution, and Agility as measurable statistics that can be quickly and efficiently improved through training, practice, and generic experience, immunity to exhaustion, hunger, thirst, and physical infirmity, and the capability of healing instantly with food and rest. More importantly, you have a Gamer's Mind, granting you immunity to most mental effects, the mental statistics of Intelligence and Wisdom which can be improved in the same way as the previously mentioned physical statistics, and the ability to train your skills in the same way as your stats. You can even get money and equipment drops from the enemies you defeat. Additionally, if you have some supernatural abilities, then this ability adapts to suit them in the same way as other forms of growth, but it doesn't come with anything like magic. It can adapt in rather odd but useful ways, such as making a minimap if you have access to supernatural perception or having an organized inventory if you gain some form of personal pocket dimension, but it won't grant any of that unless it's building off of something quantifiable.
{CO}[Powers: Greater] Izuru Kamukura: Ultimate Talent, period. Where a computer science tinker might be rivaled by an Ultimate Programmer but that same Ultimate Programmer wouldn't match a medical tinker, you can do so much more. Over the course of a year, with moderate effort, you could become an Ultimate at every talent known to man, and nothing says you can't go further. As a bonus, you won't lose your empathy from this unless you desire to.
{CO}[Powers: World-Breaking] Spiral Power: You gain the power of evolution, Spiral Power, which defies conservation of energy. The amount of Spiral Power produced by you is based on your limitations and willpower. It has infinite potential and applications. With this, your Spiral Power has been awakened, and as you advance, your Spiral Power will grow. At the start, you won't be able to do much, basically just having a minor Brute power giving you slightly superhuman strength and speed, and a minor Striker power giving you the ability to enhance things in a similar way to your Brute power and operating vehicles without the necessary key or fuel, but with time and adversity, you will find yourself growing endlessly, and it might not be long before you find yourself operating a mecha millions of light-years tall fighting Scion. It is worth noting that while you can teach people to use Spiral Power, it won't come naturally to them like it might in other circumstances.
{CO}[Powers: World-Breaking] White Lantern: You get a White Lantern Power Ring for the emotion of Life. This allows you to use the abilities of the emotional color of white, which includes the abilities of every emotional color except for the emotion of death, Black, as well as abilities unique to the White Light, such as resurrection. The nature of the White Light is such that it is much stronger and more efficient than the other emotional colors, such that you would start out head and shoulders above a lesser power ring and could charge your ring by simply living. Now, you might be wondering what exactly the "emotion" of living is. Quite simply, it's living, which can be in the form of watching a movie, kissing a girl, fighting a bully, and anything else that you would consider part of living your life. Over time, you'll build upon the foundation of life, strengthening your abilities with the ring.
{CO}[Powers: World-Breaking] Planeswalker Spark: You gain a Planeswalker Spark, granting you the ability to travel the omniverse, if not with the same ease as the Kaleidoscope power does. On top of that, you gain the ability to use the places you go through as sources for magic, categorized into five colors, specifically White, Blue, Black, Red, and Green, as well as being able to use Colourless sources, due to your ability to understand and mold mana becoming incredibly intuitive from this. Of course, the Entities could just follow you if you walked on home, as with the Kaleidoscope.
{CO}[Advantages] Hero Cooperation Union Exchange Bulletin Board: You get access to posting on the Hero Cooperation Union Exchange Bulletin Board through a mental interface. Please don't abuse this like certain people do, it wouldn't look good for me.
{CO}[Advantages] Comic Book Main Character: You are a Comic Book Main Character, which means that you are simply above mundane humans. Your physical abilities start at ‘fit’ and can be trained to notably superhuman levels. Your mental abilities start at “intelligent” and with study you can become a comic book-level genius, and your appearance is simply undeniably attractive.
{CO}[Advantages] Fiat Enforcement: You purchased these powers with points, and people can take these away from you without points? That doesn’t sound fair. Any attempt to manipulate, copy, or reproduce your powers without your permission fails automatically, you can use your powers in situations where they normally wouldn't work, such as a Persona in the real world, and you can even use conflicting power sources like Holy and Unholy without issue.
{CO}[Advantages] Blank: You are a blindspot to the Wormverse thinker powers. This won't affect the non-Wormverse powers inherent to the World-Breaker difficulty and similar form of non-Wormverse clairvoyance.