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Jackie (Transhuman Build)

[0] (0) {V1}[Entry] Reincarnation (Jackie): In what feels like the span of a moment you are born into Earth Bet and live out a life up until the age of your choosing, at which point you regain your memories and begin to control your actions normally. The circumstances of this life are entirely under your control, including gender, appearance, race, and who your family is. You can't make major changes to the setting as a part of this, although minor changes keeping with your life and presence are fine. From what point you had your powers and perks is up to you, and depending on what you have purchased may give you more leeway in effecting the setting. At the latest your life can run up until the start of the canon story, the same time that you would have arrived as a Self Insert, beyond this you will have to go about your adventure normally. You retain all the skills and experiences of your new life, ensuring you are familiar with Earth Bet and the various little differences that diverge it from our Earth. Note that you are specifically able to modify your personality to your wishes. Beyond this all new memories and experiences are integrated flawlessly and seamlessly.
  • You regain your memories, powers and perks when your connection to "Mommy" is established.
[12] (+12) {V1}[Difficulty] World Breaker: You have twelve points to spend, and all of your powers start out twice as strong. You have no special ability to avoid danger but you also have little need to fear it.
[10] (-2) {V1}[Powers] Kaleidoscope: You are attuned to not only the fabric of space and time, but the very essence of the multiverse itself. All worlds, timelines, and possibilities are now within reach of your new senses, and you find yourself able to manipulate them to your will, and even travel between them. What you can accomplish with this is limited only to your creativity, imagination, and experience. Drawing in alternate versions of people to fight under your control, copying powers from alternate selves or fictional characters, fixing a destroyed neighborhood by overlapping a pristine version on it. These and any imaginable manipulation of space and time (time travel included) are within your reach, and it isn't limited to the Wormverse. The entirety of infinity is at your fingertips. If you wanted to you could just walk on home right now and leave Earth Bet to its fate. But where is the fun in that.
[8] (-2) {V1}[Powers] Emperor of Man: Within you blooms unparalleled psychic might and impossibly vast vistas of knowledge. Any knowledge or skill that was possessed by a human being from the 40k universe at any point in time is granted to you, and all at superhuman levels of proficiency. Your physical and mental abilities skyrocket as well, leaving you able to go toe to toe with Brutes and Thinkers simply from raw prowess. Your psyker abilities are the equal of the Emperor's at his peak, with perfect control and understanding. The Warp does not exist here, meaning you are immune to the perils that normally plague psykers. You know how to induce these abilities in others, and train them in their use. Combined with your mastery of all human technology you have all the knowledge to forge an empire greater and vaster then anything possible in the original lore. First things first. You'll need warriors to face the dangers of this world beside you. Genetic technologies and treatments float to the forefront of your mind. Almost like they are eager to raise your first legions.
  • Your mastery of humanities technology explicitly extends to things that the Imperium did not understand or had long forgotten about. You are the equal of any Tinker when it comes to applying this knowledge.
  • Daemons are not a thing, but you could theoretically create psychic entities. I'm sure that won't go badly in anyway.
[6] (-2) {V1}[Powers] Power Manipulation: Some of the rarest and most valued parahumans are those who can effect the powers of others. People who nullify allow enemy parahumans to be subdued as easily as an unpowered human being, those who boost others powers giving their allies a much needed edge over the opposition. Some even have the ability to copy or steal powers temporarily. You can do all this and more, and only your personal desires can stop such effects from being permanent. You can nullify, enhance, modify, copy, and even steal the powers of others (whether this takes the shard along with them is up to you). Transferring powers from one person to another is trivial, even stacking multiple onto a single target. You also gain five more charges a day which let you create shardless powers likes yours, whose nature are fully under your control. A single charge can result in a power that would be rated around 4-5, with more charges increasing its power, versatility, pushing or removing limits, and adding more functions. You can manipulate and sense created powers regardless of the location of anyone you have given them to. You also have an ability to sense parahumans and powers within a large area. Created powers are yours until you transfer them to someone else. Charges can be spent to boost any of your powers, including others bought here. Changes can be reversed at will, and you can deconstruct powers you have created, but you do not recover any charges from doing so.
[4] (-2) {V1}[Powers] Inspired Inventor: You are the world's first Tinker 12. Each day you have five charges which can be spent to improve your tinker abilities within a specific area or theme. A single charge would make you a good tinker within an area, roughly Tinker 4-5. Each additional charge after this doubles your abilities (around a two point bump in rating), with no limits to how many times you can spend a charge on a certain area. As a tinker you have superman scientific knowledge, understanding, and skill at applying it, able to make or do things that modern science would consider Impossible within your theme. Spend a charge on Augmentation and start crafting cybernetics out of scrap. Spend some on medicine and cure cancer in an hour. Should your different themes overlap then they stack, building off of each other and integrating perfectly. All fields of knowledge are viable for this. Spending charges on martial arts would let you design and teach unbelievable fighting styles, and a political science tinker could design forms of government that function better then anything we have today. As long as you have time and resources, there isn't anything you couldn't do.
[2] (-2) {T1}[Powers] Transhumanity: Humanity is overrated. You have seen greater vistas of possibility now, images of a future unbound by the limitations of narrow minds and the constraints of mere flesh. You are a Tinker, but one that foresees ways which might make that quality unnecessary. Self-enhancement is your niche, your specialty, extending from artificial limbs, alternatives to organs, interaction with technology, all the way to vastly more capable alternatives to the humanoid shape. Beyond that, however, you also engineer the future of the mind itself, and the endless possibilities that it cannot yet imagine...
You have five charges per day to invest in particular body enhancement of your choosing; using multiple charges make an enhancement progressively more capable, but limits your versatility. Mental enhancements require spending at least five charges. All your inventions, large or small, can be maintained and replicated by Non-Tinkers given instructions.
[0] (-2) {T1}[Powers] Polymath: Being awesome at one thing tends to come at the cost of being less so at others. The Jack of All Trades is the Master of None? Not anymore. Each day you have five charges to spend which can be invested in any chosen skill or specialty as you see fit. You cannot specialize in creating Tinker inventions. (You could specialize in creating especially helpful conventional technology, which may still approach Tinker-level complexity and effectiveness.) Investing a single charge makes you above-average in a given skill or field, two charges a conventional genius, and three charges a one-of-a-kind master. Four or more charges invested will enhance a chosen skill with parahuman-like effects which raise your ability beyond normal limits. The nature of these effects depends on the specialization in question and your own personality, while the strength depends on the number of charges spent. Traits which you already excel at may be boosted to yet greater height.
[-2] (-2) {V1}[Powers] Eidolon: The deciding factor of any parahuman struggle is the nature of the powers involved. Fortunately you have access to all of them. You have five slots, each of which can contain any power you wish, and may be swapped out at will. If you do not direct them consciously then your power will automatically provide abilities that aid you in surviving and achieving your goals, adapting to whatever circumstances you are facing. It's ability to predict your needs and wants is absolutely preternatural, the powers it chooses often perfect for changes in the situation that haven't happened yet. Only the most extraordinary or intense of circumstances could force it to swap out a slot more then once every few minutes. You have a perfect understanding of all these powers, down to the tiniest nuance and quirk. This means you will never be confused, disoriented, or even slowed down from a switch, and know how to use them perfectly. The strength of these is capped at a certain point, but even at their weakest they never fall beneath an 8 on the PRT scale, with powers rated 9-10 being the norm. Considering that powers of this level are enough to require redrawing maps this should hardly be a problem for you.
[-3] (-1) {V1}[Perks] Blank: Knowledge is power, and that means that an opponent who knows what your every move will be is an unbelievable threat. By taking this you are completely immune to being perceived by Thinker abilities. Your future and past cannot be observed, clairvoyants cannot detect you, and even danger senses cannot warn their users of an incoming attack from you. This is pervading enough that you cannot even be perceived by noticing blind spots in their sight, such powers simply acting as if you didn't exist. This applies only to uses of such powers that are hostile to you. Other thinker abilities that do not rely on directly perceiving you with the power itself are unaffected. Enhanced senses pick you up just as easily, Tattletale can still read you like an open book, and Coil is still able to perceive you in his split timelines.
[-4] (-1) {V1}[Perks] Shattered Limiter: The factors that kept your powers growth and ability in check are completely done away with. At a base this doubles the number of slots and charges you have available. Your power growth skyrockets, with your power doubling in strength every year if you do nothing but live a normal life. Actually fighting on a regular basis drops this down to half a year. Each such interval also increases the number of slots and charges your power provides by one. Your powers refuse to be kept in check, rendering you immune to trumps who would try to effect your abilities.
[-5] (-1) {V1}[Perks] Invictus: Your will is absolute, boundless, and unbreakable. By taking this factors such as distress, suffering, and difficulty mean nothing to you. You are capable of undergoing any disaster without batting an eye, ignoring any amount of pain, remaining mentally untouched by even the most terrible events, and even the most fearsome odds will not give you pause. Abilities that would effect your mind or control you are useless, you shrugging these off as nothing more then an irritant. You will never break, never bow, and even come a thousand apocalypses you will stand as tall and resolute as ever. Being torn in half, locked into a time loop of endless agony for thousands of years, or facing the most hopeless odds are nothing to you.
[-6] (-1) {V1}[Perks] Inspiration: Something about you reaches directly into the hearts and souls of others. Even it you don't lead them, just your presence seems to lift their spirits and restore their hope. You'll find it nearly trivial to recruit others and sway them to your cause. Wherever you go people see you and find new purpose and courage. The broken will rise above their suffering to go on, hopeless defenders will rally to defy the odds, and even the most inhuman of your enemies will be shaken with a sense of terrified awe at your presence. This perk is effectively the same as Invictus, but applying to the people you lead or fight beside. As long as you stand they will never stop fighting, and should you fall your memory will drive them to greatness and heroism that has only existed in the imagination.
[-7] (-1) {V1}[Perks] First impressions: No matter what you do it seems like you're incapable of making a bad impression on others when they encounter you. Even your enemies will find themselves respecting you, seeing you as a worthy opponent. You'll find it trivial to find a place with various factions, and they'll be more then willing to help you out or extend the benefit of the doubt. This isn't permanent, your actions and decisions will influence them as normal, but you are given significantly more leeway then would be extended to anyone else. Expect to become very popular with the media should you so much as give them the time of day.
[-8] (-1) {V1}[Perks] Cloak and Dagger: You also find it almost trivial to gain contacts, expand networks, plant spies, sabotage, and even assassinate. Espionage in all of its forms is as easy as breathing for you, almost without regard for reasonable limits. While this isn't a power your talent here is great enough that it might as well be. Within days you could have your thumb on the pulse of information throughout the city, with even the most secretive dealings unable to be hidden from you, and the limits to which you can expand are limited only by the trivial effort it requires for you to bother. Not even the most secure and secretive groups would be able to keep you out if you put any effort into learning their secrets.
[-9] (-1) {V1}[Perks] Manpower: I don‘t know how you do it but you are able to find, recruit, and manage competent and loyal minions (or workers, troops, professionals, etc) with almost zero effort. Whether its lawyers, mercenaries, doctors, or just raw manpower you have no trouble finding people to work for you. This extends to training, even minor effort showing extreme gains. The logistical efforts needed to pay and support them also become extremely easy, money seeming to show up whenever you need to sign paychecks, high quality equipment abundant, even political leverage if you need to keep a politician or two loyal to you. Fate itself seems to be opposed to the idea that you would lack for somebody to call on. Only the most extraordinary circumstances could prevent you from having people to rely on, and never for very long.
[-10] (-1) {V1}[Perks] Alternate Continuity: By taking this perk the restrictions on the changes you can make to canon in choosing your life are completely removed. Any changes you can imagine are fair game, the only hard rule being the presence of Parahumans, Endbringers, and Entities. Want Earth Bet to fight off the Endbringers with mechs that channel the powers of their pilots? Want the nature of shards to be different, parahumans triggering in a moment of unbridled heroism? Perhaps there are no shards, Parahumans abilities being a natural evolutionary trait of humans who undergo a trigger event, with the entities having arrived here to study them. As long as those three basics are obeyed in some form or another, your wishes are fair game.
[0] (+10) {V1}[Complications] The Cycle Begins Anew: At some point within a few years of your adventure, a second pair of entities arrives, scattering their Shards and beginning a second cycle. You will now have to face three entities, and one of them is lacking the mental blind spots that limit the Warrior entities. The fight for Earth Bet and all other Earths will be brutal and merciless, with only a miracle allowing you to prevent the eventually victorious entities from completing their evolutionary cycle and erasing Earth from every single alternate reality in the Wormverse. Grants ten points.
[10] (+10) {V3}[Difficulty] God Mode: With God Mode you get 10 points to start with, and up to 10 more from disadvantages if you're so inclined, and the contempt of everyone who chose Skitter Mode. You are a walking god. Endbringers? You can make a good showing against them right out of the gate. Scion? Simply a matter of time.
[6] (-4) {V3}[Powers: Greater] Gamer: Your life is a game! An RPG to be precise. You have a Gamer's Body, immune to exhaustion, hunger, thirst, and physical infirmity, and capable of healing instantly with food and rest. More importantly you have a Gamer's Mind and keep your cool in dangerous situations. You can tangibly and immediately raise your skills and overall stats by performing tasks and gaining experience. Enemies you defeat can even drop money and equipment for you to use. Note: This ability does not give you access to any magic or supernatural abilities, it merely allows you to quickly and efficiently improve the abilities that you do have. Paring this with some form of Apprentice for improved effect is recommended.
[2] (-4) {V3}[Powers: Greater] Mad Talent: You have a Mad Talent, a power that lets you warp reality in strange and impossible ways.
You are blessed with levels of luck so great that it bends the very structures of reality, constantly rearranging them to your advantage, whether you want it or not. Your luck affects you to the point where probability means nothing, as in you can defy logic itself (e.g., you are immune to and unaffected by the laws of causality, live life without consequences, can forge your own destinies, easily triumph against impossible odds, etc.), you're fated for boundless wealth and prosperity, find amazing success in all aspects of life, allowing you to overcome all impossible odds and defeat unbeatable foes.
Your luck may be so powerful that no force within your universe or reality can take it from you, not even death, allowing your luck to be carried on into the afterlife or into your next life if or when you pass on. Luck Erasure will only reduce its effectiveness temporarily, rather than permanently removing it entirely.
Whatever it is, the conceptual nature of it makes it difficult for parahuman abilities to counter. As a side-effect, you no longer need to sleep, although you can feel tired. As a less fun side-effect, overuse of your ability could gradually warp you into a nightmarish conceptual terror the world is not ready to face. So that's a thing..
[-6] (-8) {V3}[Powers: Greater] Servant: Pick a Nasuverse servant. Now pick one that isn't Gilgamesh, ya filthy munchkin. For 4 points you get the skills, physical and magical abilities (including any Noble Phantasms) and memories of that servant. You can even look like your chosen servant, if you'd like. Servants that can use thaumaturgy can do so without taking Apprentice; however, they can't teach anyone without taking the feat...You know what? Fine, if you're going to be like that, you can play Gilgamesh, but it will cost you 6 points. Karna is similarly expensive.
[-7] (-1) {V3}[Advantages] Charles Atlas Superpowers: You represent the apex of humanity...and a little beyond. Your physical abilities surpass most Olympians and nearly edge into superhuman. Your mental abilities are likewise refined, allowing you to rapidly master any skill. Finally, you can learn to do almost inhuman things with the right training, like navigating by echolocation, controlling your metabolism through sheer force of will, or punching through concrete.
[-8] (-1) {V3}[Advantages] Comic Book Pretty: You look like a model airbrushed to perfection, even under the most extreme conditions. You also heal perfectly from all wounds given sufficient time, though you may have some aesthetically pleasing scars afterwards, age slowly and recover from even otherwise permanent transformations quickly.
[-9] (-1) {V3}[Advantages] Man of Mystery: You wear mystery like a stylish cloak. It's nearly impossible to find out your secret identity unless you allow it, powers designed to ferret out anything about your motives, your identity, your past, or your future actions return a divide by zero error, and a massive Thinker headache. This included relatively benign abilities, including your own abilities, making powers such as Path to Victory difficult for you to use.
[-10] (-1) {V3}[Advantages] Special Snowflake: You are a special, special snowflake and the universe recognizes that fact. Any attempt to copy, drain, reproduce, steal or suppress your powers fails automatically.
[-8] (+2) {V3}[Disadvantages] Geas: You have True Innocence. You are completely free from and immune to anxiety, concern, trouble or worries of any kind, allowing you to maintain your confidence and innocence no matter what kind of trouble or torture befalls you. This makes you completely immune to corruption/temptation, granting you a permanent sense of confidence and pure innocence that remains untainted by even the most corruptive of evil forces.
[-6] (+2) {V3}[Disadvantages] Geas: You are a True Neutral. You don't feel strongly one way or the other when it comes to "Good vs Evil" or "Order vs Chaos". You exhibit a lack of bias rather than a commitment to neutrality. You thinks of good as better than evil - after all, you would rather have good neighbours and rulers than evil ones. Still, you're not personally committed to upholding good in any abstract or universal way.
[-4] (+2) {V3}[Disadvantages] Geas: You are not allowed to speak of the past life from your original memories of before the Worm CYOA or the information you learned from it. Nor can you in any way imply that it exists. Lying to perpetuate this will automatically register as truth to all abilities and lie detectors.
[-3] (+1) {V3}[Disadvantages] Wanted: You've earned the interest of the Team Skull.
[-2] (+1) {V3}[Disadvantages] Wanted: You've earned the interest of the Team Rocket.
[0] (+2) {V3}[Disadvantages] Wanted: You've earned the interest of the Team Rainbow.